Did you know that a heating system that’s not running properly could be costing you money? An inefficient unit drives up energy bills and could potentially be doing long-term damage. Not only will your bills increase, but your chances of costly repairs will greatly go up. So, how do you avoid this? By getting your heating system serviced by a professional HVAC company.

At Orange Home Services, we provide seasonal maintenance to help avoid malfunctions with your heating system when you need it most. During the coldest days of winter in the Fox Valley area, your furnace or boiler carries a heavy workload. When all components are in peak condition and running properly, you’ll benefit from optimum energy efficiency, lower sound levels, reduced operational costs, superior heating capacity, healthier air quality, greater reliability, and extended service life. We handle all makes, models, and styles of heating options, providing professional cleaning, tuning, and troubleshooting at affordable prices.

Efficient Heating System Maintenance

Family owned and operated, with over 25 years of HVAC industry experience, we not only follow strict maintenance procedures and uphold higher standards of workmanship, but customize our services to better serve your specific challenges and goals. You could feel comfortable that our maintenance services will keep your heater running smoothly even during the coldest months!

Call our team for heating service you can count on!

If you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to your heating system, then you’ve found it here! Our trained and certified technicians are backed by proper licensing and insurance and take pride in a personalized service level that ensures a more rewarding process and results. We will not only properly service your unit, but we will let you know if there are any outstanding repair issues that need to be addressed. We have built our business and trust and honesty, and we’re not happy until we know that we’ve done everything possible to help.

Contact us, or call us at 630-845-3343 for heating system maintenance throughout Batavia, Elburn, Geneva, St. Charles, North Aurora & Aurora, IL.