Orange and Healthy Precautions

Committed to our customers’ safety and health.

We want to ensure confidence with our services and be proactive in the prevention of spreading any virus. We are taking every precaution to keep you and our team safe during this serious and trying time. We will follow all the local and state mandated protocols as well as our own sanitary practices.

  • Our technicians use clean shoe covers entering any home.
  • Our technicians have safety gloves and eyewear and use as needed.
  • Our technicians will refrain from shaking hands and instructed to avoid touching their faces, eyes, and nose.
  • Our technicians will use hand sanitizer and keep hands clean by frequent washing.
  • Our office staff will ask if anyone is sick or has travelled outside the country prior to making your appointment.
  • Our whole team will only work if they are without cold and flu-like symptoms.

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