Batavia Cooling Service

Is your air conditioner ready for this Summer? Maybe you’ve already turned it on once or twice this year, but is it ready for regular everyday use? When you get home from work in the middle of a hot July day, will it still be running or will you have to pay big $$$ for an emergency service call or spend the night in a hotel?

ORANGE HOME SERVICES in Batavia IL can inspect and test your air conditioner, to make sure that it is as ready as can be for the coming hot and humid Batavia, IL Summer!

Some typical problems with air conditioners, (ones we have already had to service), is plain old neglect showing that everything from plants to animals can take up up residence in the AC, to low freon, over-charged freon, leaking catch pans, (you know that tube that comes out of the Furnace / AC that goes drip-drip-gurgle… If that gets clogged you can have one sloppy mess, ruin your carpet and hardwood floors, or anything else that’s nearby).

So what are you going to do… RIGHT NOW – While we’ve still got time to stop by for a cleaning and inspection? That’s right Call Us to Schedule ASAP. Get your air conditioner ready for summer NOW!!!

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